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Under certain circumstances, you may prefer to use an Assumed Name as your public VSA's (Virtual Sales Associate) name in order not to interfere with your current employment. If you wish to utilize the Assumed Name option select YES below.
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Note: Using non-standard names or names specifically designed to place your name on top will not be permitted and may disqualify you from participating. Please refer and agree to MyWay Auto Loans terms and conditons regarding the use of Assumed Names.
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Virtual Sales Agent Agreement

1) This Agreement is made and effective the date of your approval of the confirming email that will be sent to your email address as you entered in this form. If you do not accept this confirming email this agreement becomes null and void. If you accept this confirming email, this agreement is between you as a Virtual Sales Agent (VSA) and (MWAL) and it’s affiliates and or assigns.

2) I confirm that the information I entered on the "Register Here to join the MyWay Family as a VSA" form is true and accurate.

3) SERVICES AGREED TO: Therefore upon acceptance of the confirming email, in consideration of the mutual promises set forth herein. MWAL and the Virtual Sales Agent agree as follows:

4) MWAL hereby grants VSA an independent contractor opportunity to participate in the business of referring clients to for the purpose of obtaining financing to purchase a vehicle through said site and other sales related activities. As a 1099 independent contractor MWAL recognizes the relationship that of a non-exclusive one. Referral fees are subject to change with notice to VSA. MWAL reserves the right to amend said agreement from time to time without notice to VSA.

5) VSA agrees to refer people in need of a vehicle and pre-approval for financing for said vehicle to to get pre-approved and purchase a vehicle through the selection available within the confines of said site. VSA agrees to make a reasonable effort to refer at least 10 people each week to the site.

6) VSA is paid from vehicles exclusively financed by MWAL.

7) VSA agrees to act in a professional manner when representing MWAL. Approvals are based on each applicant’s individual circumstances, therefore, VSA agrees to not guarantee their referrals a 100% approval when applying for credit. MWAL will work quickly to help all of VSA’s referrals get approved and locate a vehicle suitable to their budget and needs.

8) VSA agrees to purchase all sales material such as but not limited to business cards, flyers, clothing, hats etc through MWAL, this ensures uniformity in sales message and branding of MWAL. Any material VSA would like to use must be pre-approved by MWAL and adopted as regular material available to all of MWAL VSA’s.

9) VSA agrees to only use pre-approved advertisement ads, files, images, templates, verbiage in the advertisement of vehicles or team building. VSA also agrees not to change vehicle prices, comments, options or any other items on MWAL’s approved advertisements without the expressed written permission by MWAL.

10) Either party may cancel this agreement without notice.

11) Use of Assumed Names: MWAL does not allow a user to register as a VSA under an assumed name. MWAL allows the VSA to operate under an assumed name for the sole purpose of the VSA to operate under a separate entity regardless of other employment. MWAL does not allow fraud or deceit in any form and VSA takes all responsibility registering a (DBA) doing business as the assumed name with all authorities that may require this anonymity. VSA agrees to hold harmless any and all liabilities referenced from the VSA’s use of an assumed name.

12) VSA FREE COMPENSATION: There are two components to a VSA compensation. 1) Post inventory on advertisement websites similar but not limited to,,,, or other sites. VSA agrees that posting vehicles on pay sites will not be reimbursed by MWAL. 2) As an option to working as a single entity VSA, you can also build a team of independent VSAs operating with you. Your team’s VSA must originally sign up as a VSA Free, it is solely the option of the VSA to choose to upgrade to a VSA Plus at any time. (VSA Free means that it is free of charge to sign up as a VSA with MWAL, you receive no compensation for a VSA Free or VSA Plus signing up to work with MWAL, you are only paid referral fees on vehicles sold.) MWAL allows you to personally sign up unlimited VSAs directly under your VSA identity (VSA ID). The VSAs signed with MWAL under your VSA ID may also build their own team of VSAs.

Referral fees are paid when your or your team’s advertisement captures the prospects personal data via MWAL’s credit application systems and purchases a vehicle & financing funded & closed for the said vehicle through MWAL.

• $50.00 referral fee per vehicle sold directly through your advertisement campaign.
• $25.00 referral fee per vehicle sold through the advertisement campaign of a VSA you directly sponsored.
• $25.00 referral fee per vehicle sold through the advertisement campaign of a VSA sponsored directly by the VSA you directly sponsored.

13) VSA PLUS COMPENSATION: To become a VSA PLUS the cost is $69.00 per month through MWAL’s auto pay system. VSA PLUS fee to be paid in advance on the 20th of each month for the following month’s service. VSA PLUS will be emailed an invite to start auto pay service. Once invite is returned to MWAL, VSA PLUS will be activated.
As a VSA Plus, in addition to the materials provided to you as a VSA FREE, you will also be updated to your own fully functional website with selectable vehicles. No restrictions to # of postings per day. Double the referral fees paid out.
The referral fees for VSA PLUS:
• $100.00 referral fee per vehicle sold directly through your advertisement campaign.
• $50.00 referral fee per vehicle sold through the advertisement campaign of a VSA you directly sponsored.
• $50.00 referral fee per vehicle sold through the advertisement campaign of a VSA sponsored directly by the VSA you directly sponsored.

14) In order to receive payment of earned commissions it is mandatory the VSA has an updated IRS W-9 form on file with MWAL along with a signed copy of this agreement. VSA may download these forms from this site. Please mail, Email or fax to: MWAL 12527 Central Ave NE #150 Blaine, MN 55434 , 1-866-247-3071,

15) Upon receiving and confirming this confirmation email at my email address as entered, I hereby agree that I am who I say I am by accepting this confirmation from my registered email address and hereby abide by the terms and conditions of this agreement. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, and the Virtual Sales Agent have executed this Referral Agreement on the day and year as recorded upon accepting the confirming email. At the time of accepting your confirmation email, MWAL records your IP address, Date and Time along with your email address.

16) Line numbers & titles are for reference only and not part of this agreement.

17) MWAL reserves the right to change or modify these terms and conditions without notice.

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